Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students Affairs is an integral part of the central administration of the University. The Office overseas to the activities of the Chaplaincy, Guidance & Counseling Unit, Hall of residence, Clinic and Sports Union Office in accordance with the University Statutes. It works with the support of the various units and the entire community to provide welfare services for students. It coordinates the activities of the Students Representative Council (SRC) and the various students’ groups on campus. It also serves as the connection between central administration and the SRC.


Provition of enabling environment for junior members of the university to excel academically and socially.


  • To provide guidance and counseling services to junior members
  • To act as ‘loco parents’ to junior members for a better campus life
  • To support Management and the Student Representative Council (SRC) to ensure a conducive learning environment for junior members
  • To serve as an avenue through which students address their problems.
  • To accomplish the mission of the Office, the main activities are achieved through the following:
  • Students  Representative  Council,  which  serves  as  a  mouthpiece  for  the junior members
  • Students’ Conduct and Discipline, through which cases involving students are investigated by the Dean’s Office and appropriate sanctions are meted to the culprits per the advice of the Chief Disciplinary Officer (Vice Chancellor)
  • Students’ Support Services at various departments and faculties
  • Students’ Housing and Residence Life on main campus and at Adako Jachie
  • Students’ Health Service available at the Clinic
  • Guidance and Counseling Unit, providing peer counseling for the students