Vision and Mission of the Library


To be a centre of excellence for comprehensive collection of all kinds of recorded information to support teaching, learning and research.


To put in place an efficient and effective administrative system that will facilitate and optimize the use of the library’s resources by students, lecturers and researchers. The Library will also complement  its resources through inter-library lending and document delivery at both national and international levels. Through the application of information technologies, it will also provide speedy access to collections and resources outside its boundaries with the view to helping students and faculty members keep up-to-date in their various disciplines.


The University Library’s main objective is to meet the information needs of students, faculty and management with the least delay. Its major role should be to select and acquire materials in response to concrete expression of demand or in anticipation of demand based upon knowledge of its subject fields, readership or proposed courses or programmes to be run as the University continues to expand, and generally to build up a comprehensive stock of documents to support the curriculum.