Academic Affairs Unit

The Academic Affairs Unit is one of the four broad Units under the Registry. The Unit consists of two sections including Examinations and Admissions. The head of the Academic Affairs Unit is also directly responsible for the Examinations Section and has in addition an oversight responsibility for the Admissions Section, which is also headed by a Senior Assistant Registrar.
The functions of the Academic Affairs Unit include the following:

  • Organizes of Academic Board and Executive Committee meetings
  • Undertakes the organization and supervision of End-of-Semester examinations;
  • Liaises with HODs/Deans and the Planning Office in the preparation of Semester Time Table;
  • Liaises with Department and Faculty Examination Officers in the preparation of Examination Time Table;
  • Liaises with Examinations Audit Committee for the audit of Examination Results for onward submission to the Academic Board;
  • Coordinates  the  compilation  of  Broadsheets  from  the  departments  for onward submission to NABPTEX for moderation;
  • Liaises/meets with Department and Faculty Examination Officers to plan strategies for effective organization of End-of-Semester Examination;
  • Certifies certificates and transcripts for applicants;
  • Receives and documents application forms for admission purposes;
  • Verifies  applicants’  Secondary/Technical/Vocational  School  Examination results from the WAEC office;
  • Liaises with NABPTEX on all issues pertaining to the printing of certificates for graduate students;
  • Operation and management of student files;
  • Undertakes  the  verification  of  results/transcripts  and  certificates  of students upon request;
  • Liaises with the students’ Affairs Office for the production of students I.D. cards;
  • The organization of Matriculations..