Guidance and Counselling Unit

The Counseling Unit was formed to supplement other units that promote the welfare and optimum development of the students in the University.
The primary aim is to provide educative programmes and activities to enable students to achieve both academic and personal success toward their career goals.
The unit offers professional assistance for students with personal, academic and vocational problems. It is intended to supplement the advisory duties performed by lecturers, and assist students in formulating and achieving their academic and personal goals.
The Head of the Unit Mrs. Augustina Addo Freeman who has an MPhil Degree (Guidance and Counseling).

Academic Counseling

The unit provides support and direction for students to develop academic skills through appropriate learning techniques. The unit extends this service to a number of secondary schools in and around the Kumasi Metropolis.

Career Counseling

Guides students in career choices and job placement. Furnishes student with information on job opportunities, consideration of  services,  prospects  of training etc.

Emotional/Psychological Counseling

Assists students to resolve and overcome their interpersonal issues.
Peer Counseling/Mediation