Archive and Records Unit

The Records Unit was established in May, 2013 as part of the Vice Chancellor’s initiative to promote the management and use of records and archives, and the preservation of archival heritage of Kumasi Technical University. To ensure the effective and efficient management of the records life cycle, the Ag. Registrar bridged the gap between the Records Unit and the main Registry (records section) on the 10th of October, 2015.
The Unit performs the following functions among others to:

  • Handle   all   correspondences   (inward   and   outward)   of   the   Technical University;
  • Ensure   proper   file   management   (filing   documents,   storage   of   files, creating of new files, updating of file index);
  • Develop   effective   control   system   for   files   (file   census,   file   transit, temporary files, maintenance of the files);
  • Close files and transfer to the Archives section;
  • Ensure authentic, reliable and usable records are created, capable of supporting business functions and activities;
  • Comply with statutory and regulatory requirements affecting the use and retention of records;
  • Protect the interest of Kumasi Technical  University,  its  staff,  students and the Technical University community by maintaining high quality documentation for appropriate length of time;
  • Support decision making by making accurate and reliable documentation accessible;
  • Preserve the corporate memory of the institution by managing and preserving records of historical, administrative and legal significance.